Home Remedies for Sciatica

At home remedies can sometimes work wonders against sciatica. Your own efforts can be enough to alleviate pain and help you make a full recovery.

An important thing to note is that a doctor’s visit is still recommended, if you are suffering from symptoms that coincide with sciatica. The causes for sciatica are wide and varied, and some of

them are very dangerous for one’s health. Sciatica sometimes comes as a warning sign for something far more serious. This is why you should still visit a doctor, and make sure that the problem is not because caused by a medical emergency.

Sometimes, sciatica is caused by something more mild. In cases in which sciatica is not being caused by a medical emergency, this is when you may be able to handle the problem yourself from home.

The at home remedies are often enough to alleviate the symptoms of sciatica for many people. In fact, doctors will often hold back on more serious treatments until the home remedies have been tried.

The first step is to know what you can and can’t do, physically. In most cases of recovery, people are told to get plenty of bed rest. This is not recommended for sciatica. The muscles that could be pinching and irritating the sciatic nerve can become even more tense if never used. While reduced activity for the first few days may be recommended, lying in bed for weeks on end will make the symptoms far worse.

Exercises and stretching can play a huge role in sciatica recovery. Muscles that have become tense around the sciatic nerve need to relax and become healthy. Stretches that focuses on your lower back, buttocks and upper thigh muscles will have the strongest effect. Use stretches that involve simple holds, and not bouncing or jerking motions. Try to exercise on a soft surface or mat.

Making the pain tolerable while you recover is important. Heating and ice packs offer relief for many individuals. Some people have more luck with one over the other, and some even get the best effect from switching back and forth. It will depend on your specific set of sciatica symptoms. The same can be said for over the counter pain medication. Some will work better than others, depending on the individual taking them. Ask your doctor if he has any recommendations for you.

Seeing a massage therapist can help you relax key muscles that are pinching the sciatic nerve.

Progress will rarely be seen overnight. But if you continue your physical therapy and taking whatever medications your doctor recommends, you should see progress after a while. If the pain does not start to lessen after a week or two, or if the symptoms become worse, make another appointment with your doctor. Don’t let the pain continue for a long period of time without seeking the opinion of a medical professional.